Volkert Huurman

Transplant Surgeon

Volkert A.L. Huurman, MD PhD (1979) works as a consultant Transplant Surgeon at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands.

After medical school dr. Huurman performed a PhD on islet and pancreas transplantation at Harvard Medical School and the LUMC. Following general surgical training, he did a fellowship in Transplant Surgery and works as a full consultant in abdominal organ retrieval and transplantation at the LUMC since 2016.

He functions as clinical lead for the pancreas transplantation as well as the live kidney donation programs at his institution. Furthermore, he is one of the project leaders of the Dutch normothermic regional perfusion (NRP) program in deceased donor organ donation. He serves as a member of the Dutch Kidney Transplant Committee (LONT) and is vice chair of the Eurotransplant Pancreas Advisory Committee (EPAC).

His research focuses on outcome of pancreas transplantation, as well as innovative methods to improve abdominal donor organ quality, e.g. through machine perfusion.

Volkert Huurman