Prof. dr. Diethard Monbaliu

Transplant Surgeon 

Diethard Monbaliu (°Oostende, Belgium in 1971) obtained the M.D. and Ph.D degrees at Leuven University, Belgium in 1996 and 2007, respectively.  He received his board certification in Surgery in 2002 and UEMS certification in abdominal transplant surgery in 2009 (modules procurement, liver-, pancreas- and kidney transplantation). 

He currently works as an abdominal transplant surgeon at the University Hospitals Leuven, and is associate professor at the Catholic University Leuven, Leuven, Belgium (teaching anatomy and clinical bioethics). His current research and scientific interest focuses on liver transplantation from donation after circulatory death donors, machine perfusion preservation, modulation of ischemia/reperfusion injury, peritoneal dialysis access and physical exercise after transplantation.  

He is a Senior Clinical researcher granted by the Research foundation Flanders (FWO) since 2015. He was the chair of the Belgian Organ Procurement Committee (BeOPC) from 2015-2020 and member of the Eurotransplant Organ Process Chain Committee (ET OPCC) since 2016.     

He is the founder and chair of Transplantoux which raises awareness regarding organ donation, motivates transplant recipients to exercise and live a healthy life. He is the founder and chair of the international Transplantoux symposium Time to move.   

Diethard Monbaliu